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Millerbomb·Sunset BC·968d8 reviews

Lemon creme - sunsetbc early feb

Value 10/10Quality 7/10

Really nice bag appeal, large buds, nice frosting and cured nice but not exactly sticky. Very mild on the nose but a floral and mild lemon/lime smell. Taste is very smooth and also has a mild lemon/lime flavor. Burns nice and leaves a slightly dark ash. Potency to be...
j_killian·Sunset BC·974d56 reviews

Crunchberry crumble, Sunsetbc, Feb 5th

Just littl pieces of crumble ive pressed in between the top of the container the seal and the lid. Some of the crumble breaks up in to dry flaky pieces or I guess crumbles apart lol but it’s good I’ve finally got around to trying it and is good news. And it was cheaper then there new crumbles I ...
j_killian·Sunset BC·974d56 reviews

G-wiz #2 HCFSE, Sunsetbc, Feb 5th

Tons of flavour and hits hard and fast burns clean and is nice and potent. Its easier to work with then the other HCFSE I had from them all in all a very nice product.

Value: 10 Quality: 8
guimixer·Sunset BC·974d3 reviews

Og Kush,MKU LR/ SUNSET bc / January 14 2019

The bud is very good for 100$, great looking ,smell is awesome.

Not that strong tho,but tolerance is on top. I’d go with 8/10

For the price this is a good 9/10 would buy again.

But if you have great tolerance like me just skip this unless it is a gift or to impress at lo...
masoman95·Sunset BC·974d22 reviews

G-Wiz Extracts / SunsetBC / Feb 2020

Quality TBD
Value 9/10

Received to checkout instead of that CRC shit all around.
Still skeptical but it looks way better, smells like actual weed and has good colour. I believe someone mass produced that shitty Live Resin and sold out for cheap cause it was shitty CRC product, w...
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