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Expectationz·Sunset BC·975d8 reviews

Black gas - Sunsetbc - Feb 3 2020

Have yet to try it but it smells nice, it looks nice, lots of purple and pretty frosty. Most of the bud was stuck all together, it relatively sticky. I’ll give it a try later
joshbucky420·Sunset BC·975d66 reviews

Night Nurse - Sunsetbc - Late January

This was our first order with Sunsetbc, starting off with shipping, Our package took a total of 8 days from order to arrival. Being the middle of January nearing the end of winter it was a tough time considering the snow storms and other complications.

The packaging of the product was very...
Dstraka93·Sunset BC·978d3 reviews

ZourPatch/Watermelon/Guru Hc/Fse / Sunset BC / Jan31st

Zour Patch Kids - This stuff tastes really gooood. The after taste on this one on a low temp dab is amazing. High is definitely there to. This one knocked me back a lot more then the Nukem did. Honestly wish I bought more.. Value 10/10 Quailty 10/10

Guru Exotics - Me and my buddy’s gra...
Dstraka93·Sunset BC·978d3 reviews

Nukem FSE / SunsetBC / Jan31st

Absolutely loved the Nukem Fse so decided to grab 3 more grams. But looks like they gave me 3 grams of the Hcfse not the fse.

Nonetheless I absolutely love this stuff. The high is long, heavy and definitely a nice way to come home to from a long ass day at work. In the rain..

DaMavius·Sunset BC·981d6 reviews

Sunset BC - G Wiz #2 HTFSE&HCFSE - End Jan 2020

This is the order for my last missing half oz from them.

Glad they dropped something non-crc, as I did not like their crc offerings.

Orderded 7g of each, mixed them myself. Weight was good too.

Miminum spills on the ht jar, only reasonable amount. Better packaging than las...
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