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major·Supergramz·338d1 review

Excellent service

I tried them for the first time and there was a misunderstanding about the promo, but they managed it and still applied the promo. At first, I thought their service needed a lot of improvement but since they corrected everything and their weed is fire, I give it 5/5!

Bulk ICE CREAM CAKE / Supergramz / @Supergz_ / July 12th 2021

PipeUpQe·Supergramz·405d25 reviews

Thc Snow / Supergramz / 7 july 2021

Thc Snow is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Thc Bomb, Big Bud and White russian. This makes this Strain very popular with connoisseurs. The taste is lemon, fuel with a very pleasant and sweet spicy aftertaste. Good lime scent, pungent with a hint of wood.

The appearance o...
RogerThat77·Supergramz·415d1 review

Ordered and paid for 7 vape carts, and was mailed 3. No refund, explanation, or reply to calls/emails...

I was a bit hesitant to order from the site but some research suggested may be worth the risk.

I ordered 7 carts (and 4 pre-rolls) and received 4 carts (and 4 pre-rolls - but two were not strains ordered), so am out completely 3 vape carts (and the pre-roll strain I wanted).
It seemed ...
PipeUpQe·Supergramz·426d25 reviews

Wedding Cake, Supergramz, 17 June 2021

Strain: Wedding Cake

Variety: Dominant hybrid Indica

Growth: Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies OR

Appearance: Very compact bud, excellent cure, 1.5G size, perfect humidity, frosted and sticky

Smell: Sweet with earthy touch

Taste: sweet fruity wit...
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