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Chem milk - supremebcbuds - May 2020

Only got to smoke 1g out of this oz due to parents confiscating the rest (long sorry) but the short time I was with this strain I already miss it.

Smells surprisingly almost like milk, with a sweet and slight gassy nose to it. Smoke was a near copy of the smell, sweet and burned greyish. As...
OGdas·Supreme BC Buds·890d22 reviews

Green Crack Greenhouse Grow - SupremeBCBuds - Febuary

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted but things have been busy!

This Green Crack is Definitely a great rendition of the strain. The buzz was very cerebral, the kind that makes your train of thought go in 10 different directions. Taste was good. Solid smell. Worth checking out for you mind...

Darth Vader - SupremeBCBuds - February

Specifically wanted a weed that ensured I had no excuse to stand up for the entire day - highly recommend if you’re trying to relax for long periods

Quality : 8/10
Value: 10/10
FPslowkey·Supreme BC Buds·920d12 reviews

Supreme BC Buds - Pink Frost - Jan 30th 2020

For $99 ounce it gets you stoned nothing to complain about on this one. Has a kush smell nothing overpowering but its there. Value : 10/10 Quality: 5/10
FPslowkey·Supreme BC Buds·920d12 reviews

Supreme BC buds - Hindu - Jan 30 2020

Just tried this stuff and for 100$ an ounce its pretty solid got me pretty baked, its got a decent trim job, the kush smell is there and smokes clean no complaints on this!
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