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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut 1000mg Bar

Delicious! I normally don’t like white chocolate because of how rich/sweet it is, but the slightly earthy flavour from the THC/RSO really helps tone down the flavour for those who find it too rich. I really enjoyed it. The effects were also quite heavy. Very nice relaxing high that glued me to the...

White widow live resin/ Sweetleaf concentrates/ Aug 2021

Really terpy great high tastes excellent!

Ghost Train Haze/ Sweetleaf Concentrates/August 2021

Sweetleaf Concentrates AK47 shatter august 2021

Always loved this brand but hardly see anything about them

Assorted White Label Shatter - Sweetleaf Concentrates - August 2019

I think I’d prefer what you got over this stuff. Looks ok. Got an assortment of strains. Most with pull and snap consistency. Some less stable. Not much difference between the strains I got and a weird high. Decent price and great service but overall somewhat disappointing.
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