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MCDaddy75·Swift Green·366d431 reviews

G-Wiz - Swift Green - August - Incentivized Review

G-Wiz from Swift Green

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cross: Gelato #45 x BWIZ #4 BX

Nose: The nose was piney and cakey and earthy with a hint of citrus. It had a good nose to it but wasn’t crazy pungent.

Stickiness/Moisture: It wasn’t sticky, and the moistu...
MCDaddy75·Swift Green·366d431 reviews

Mike Tyson OG - Swift Green - August - Incentivized Review

Mike Tyson OG from Swift Green


Nose: The nose was a bit gassy and hashy with a little bit of pine and skunk. It was pungent and it smelled like it was going to hit hard, haha.

Stickiness/Moisture: It was a tiny bit sticky, and the moisture level was great....
MCDaddy75·Swift Green·366d431 reviews

Cookie Monster - Swift Green - August - Incentivized Review

Cookie Monster from Swift Green


Cross: Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush

Nose: The nose was a bit lighter than the Gelato was and it had more of a brown sugar smell. It also has a cookie nose to it which made it very appealing.

Stickiness/Moisture: It ...
MCDaddy75·Swift Green·371d431 reviews

Gelato #33 - Swift Green - August - Incentivized Review

Gelato #33 from Swift Green


Cross: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Nose: The nose had that baked goods spiciness and cookies smell along with some fruity citrus. It was very pungent, and it was very appealing.

Stickiness/Moisture: It w...
MCDaddy75·Swift Green·622d431 reviews

Jet Fuel - Swift Green - November

Jet Fuel from Swift Green

Visual: This Jet Fuel had a nice structure and it looked dank! It was a dark army green with brown hairs that blended in so they were hard to notice. There was lots of sparkly crystal all throughout. It was quite dense and it had a fresh feel to it.

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