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ShawnMurica·The Herbal Coast·1410d4 reviews

Purple Space Cookies - The Herbal Coast - October 2018


I really need to get some nice jars as I’ve been stocking up by splitting orders with 3 friends. I have 5 x 1/4 ounces in all big jars and some other stuff in the smaller jars.

It’s very tiny buds too. The purple is there but darker than usual. Its also got some thick st...
ShawnMurica·The Herbal Coast·1410d4 reviews

9 Pound Hammer - The Herbal Coast - October 2018

Small order to try it out.
Overall it’s a nice looking bud and smells fantastic.
Came a little dry but adding a Bodeva pack made it much better. (I like that Herbal Coast sells them for a reasonable price with the orders)

Very nice smoke. Not too heavy of a head high. Great pri...

The Herbal Coast Review

MOM Name: The Herbal Coast (

Overall rating out of 10: 9/10 just for the fact that I will probably only order during their sales.

Sign Up: Easy, you just have to confirm with them that you are 18/19+. Make an account with email, and you’re set to order....
Kanatakush·The Herbal Coast·1519d9 reviews

The Herbal Coast

MOM Name: The Herbal Coast

Overall rating out of 10: 9/10

Sign Up: super easy. Make a username type in email and name. Start shopping.

Ordering & Pricing: fill cart. Check out, send EMT. Super easy. The pricing is great. I ordered during their fathers day sale and ordered 3 o...
StonerSteve64·The Herbal Coast·1537d474 reviews

Ace of Spades (Coast Concentrates) - The Herbal Coast - May 18

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