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InfamousTale·Toke Club·144d1 review

Tokeclub - Ace of spade - March

I am more familiar with edibles since I prefer to be discreet. However since I got my vaporizer I decided to go back to using flower and this is my first strain after a while.

This is orange haired beauty can be small however she’s dressed nicely in tricome and beautifully trimmed. It h...
26AWi·Toke Club·614d20 reviews

Bluefin Tuna │ Toke Club │December

Snagged this strain during a promotion, as I wasn't sure what to expect with a 75% indica. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the hard-hitting high and pretty drawn to the pungent smell (I'm a huge fan of cheesy varieties). Needless to say, I would recommend this strain for your...
26AWi·Toke Club·643d20 reviews

Death Star / Toke Club / November 2020

Death Star is a comforting strain for me, as I often feel overwhelmed when looking to try something new.

Reasons I Love this strain: Indica-dominance, decent price, lemony aroma, ultimate calming effects!

Things that could be better: A tad less sticky (preference more than any...
thechronickid_00·Toke Club·679d1236 reviews

Death Star - TokeClub - September 2020

Death Star. A vintage cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. This one by TokeClub ha a very appealing bag appeal and bud structure too. Resinous and sticky to the touch, sporting a darker green appearance with some faint purple hues. Covered in a layer of greasy crystals that are mostly of the milky v...
thechronickid_00·Toke Club·680d1236 reviews

Cherry Pie - TokeClub - September 2020

Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison make up this dense Cherry Pie. A strain that has been elusive to me on it’s own yet I’ve had it in countless exotic crosses. A very tightly structured flower, made up of light and dark greens and a heaping helping of fat orange hairs. Very long stalks topped wit...
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