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QC_Weed·Treemo·1556d2 reviews

Malawi Gold from Treemo - April

New to moms, would never order from them again!
QC Weed·Treemo·1556d1 review

Treemo dried cannabis.

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Overall rating out of 10: 5/10

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Ordering & Pricing:

4g Malawi Gold - 40$

4g Lemon Walker - 36$

4g Kushberry -40$

4g Sour Tangie - 36$

4g Critical Haze - 40$

dvirgo24·Treemo·1565d2 reviews

Treemo Review

Customer Service: Top notch, these guys are good at keep customers happy. Very fast responding.

Strains : Heisenberg, Rockstar, Pink, Space Romulan

Quality: All there amazing quality, exactly how it was shown on website. Some of the buds were even denser looking.

melty75·Treemo·1727d19 reviews

Orange Crush - treemo - $240/oz - Nov 14

Vaped some of this at 200C and it tastes just like orange peels. Very nice buzz too. The buds are dense and break up nicely. Almost has a bit of a neutral smell when the bag is opened, but upon smoking it lives up to its name.
melty75·Treemo·1727d19 reviews

Hawaiian Snow - treemo - $275/oz - Nov 14

Agreed... might be my last order from them due to finding more competitive pricing and faster shipping, but I have never been disappointed with the quality or selection. This was on my wishlist and wanted to try it so bad! It’s very heavy for a sativa, I smoked a small J of it and I was pretty sto...


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