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WTFCannabis is Canada's leading dispensary for quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on also having the best customer service in the industry. All concentrate products on sale up to 25% OFF.
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·22h155 reviews

Black Truffle, Wtfcannabis, August

This strain I haven't had before, but I thought I'd try it and I was really happy with this one. I often say that but this in now in the top of my favorite strains.

The smell I find earthy and gassey, as well as the taste. The burn is also awesome. Coming off very clean and white....
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·3d155 reviews

Macflurry Live Resin, Wtfcannabis, july

A really fresh batch of Macflurry live resin. Nice and Juicy. The texture is as such that it kinda leaves a stretchy line on the dabber when you scoop it out.

The smell was very clean, with a beautiful deep resin and a hint of the flower in there. This also carries over into the smoke. Ex...
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·6d155 reviews

Oreoz, Wtfcannabis, july

This was a really nice smelling bud. It had a really great smell of chocolate, with hints of gas, but the chocolate really comes through strong.

The buds were mainly medium size with a few smalls and were covered pretty heavy with crystals. They also had the perfect cure, and burned real...
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·8d155 reviews

Black Platinum, Wtfcannabis, july

I was extremely happy with this one. Straight from the bag you could see the crystals stuck to the bag is was so heavily coated. And when you pulled it out it left your fingers just as coated.

The colors of the bud were really nice to go along with it. It had a nice green color, with a n...
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·12d2 reviews

Grapefruit - WTFCannabis - July


70% Sativa/ 30% Indica
Herbal, Earthy, Sour and sweet
Claims to reduce Anxiety, Depression, Pain and stress.
Helped me in the anxiety area but I felt like the anxiety came back very quickly after sleeping it off. Lucky this is a good fast acting strain that I fee...
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