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WTFCannabis is Canada's leading online weed dispensary for quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on also having the best customer service in the industry. All concentrate products on sale up to 25% OFF.
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Gelliepuuz·WTFCannabis·133d18 reviews

Gingerbread Cookies - WTFCannabis - February 2024

In general most of the nugs are quite small and they didn't have a consistent amount of trichomes. Some nugs can be frosty and some have basically nothing. The smell is light and taste similar to the typical nutty cookies type of strain. It said to have a large amount of CBD and and high THC but...

Full first haul from wtfcannabis

Why tf they got the lakers on those gummies ?
Gelliepuuz·WTFCannabis·142d18 reviews

Animal Cookies - WTFCannabis - February 2024

It's dense and really well trimmed leaving plenty of sparkling trichomes behind. While there isn't much to said about the taste it does hit hard and fast like a wave of euphoria running from head to toes. Indica leaning so it really weight me down not letting me move much after an hour or so...
Tab7879·WTFCannabis·143d268 reviews

Mother Of Berries, Wtfcannabis, February

This is a well cured bud woth lots of crystals. It is sticky and gets really fluffy when busted. The smell is fruity and sweet with a bit of herbal.

The smoke is very smooth, and has a clean burn. It has a great berry taste and the sweetness is amazing to back onto it. Burns nice and slow...
vancitysky·WTFCannabis·144d6 reviews

Animal cookies-wtf cannabis- February

Man someone has downvotes on Auto??.. bud looks great. Review.
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