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just1doper·Weedbay·1231d59 reviews

••Pink Guava•• ~ Weedbay ~ Mar 2019

My favourite strain I’ve ever had from weedbay by far!. Very sticky caked in resinous crystals and very distinct gassy pink flavour beautiful strain all around I would say very close to a perfect score imo!.. exactly what I look for in a pink strain :)!
Halfbak3d·Weedbay·1322d12 reviews

Grapefruit by Weedbay-December

Not much to say against them, fast shipping, nice product and I bought a vape pen from them, the pen battery gave up after a week and they sent another one(with a new refill!) Right away so they are pretty nice as far as I’m concerned
Halfbak3d·Weedbay·1322d12 reviews

Snow Monster by Weedbay-December

This one doesn’t look the greatest in the bag, trim job isn’t the best. Big nugs that are kinda airy however it has a great smell, especially when grinded. And it has a nice buzz and a nice taste. Overall I like it a lot.
Halfbak3d·Weedbay·1322d12 reviews

Nuken by Weedbay-December

Really loved that one, the smells were amazing, big dense nugs and nice trim. Was really surprised as I’ve seen mixed things about weedbay.
metalcore_mommy·Weedbay·1467d6 reviews

Little farma labs Romulan shatter-Weedbay-August 2018

I got a secret garden vape pen this order and its great but considering how great this shatter is I’d love to try their carts
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