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thechronickid_00·Wellevate·1307d1236 reviews

Krazy Glue - Wellevate - January 9

Don’t know much about this strain or it’s parents but it’s very true to it’s name. Probably the stickiest weed I’ve had. Clogged my grinder and had to use a couple rubber bands for extra grip to turn it lol (try that it actually works! And for opening stubborn jars) About to smoke some rig...
thechronickid_00·Wellevate·1309d1236 reviews

House (Hybrid) - Wellevate - January 9

This is their ’house’ option. The cheapest they have but not sure what strain it is. Just listed as a hybrid. It’s honestly pretty good though just not much of a looker. Buds are dense and heavy and have a smell and taste of berries, earth, and diesel. Does feel like an all around hybrid type ...
thechronickid_00·Wellevate·1309d1236 reviews

Blueberry Kush - Wellevate - January 9

Few more pics
thechronickid_00·Wellevate·1310d1236 reviews

GG#4 - Wellevate - January 9

Full album
thechronickid_00·Wellevate·1311d1236 reviews

UK Cheese - Wellevate - January 9

More pics
Video with flash
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