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Hannawasfound·Xpressbud·75d3 reviews

Purple Candy - XpressBud - May 2022

For a budget option this was not bad. The buds smelled like you could suck the flower itself to get high. Just the smell coming off of the nugs put me in a hot haze. The taste has a sugar leaf taste to it. Grape is one of the more prominent flavours that really shine through and leaves you with a bo...
thepiper92·Xpressbud·931d1 review

Pineapple Express- January 2020

9/10 for value, 9/10 for quality.

A nice, but rather subtle flavor from my Dynavap. Definitely tropical overtones, but not overpowering. High is very active and rather clear headed. Mid-strength flower, I’d say 15-20% THC.
RaNdMViLnCE·Xpressbud·1673d120 reviews

Pineapple Express Budder - Marijanedepot - $40/G - Jan 12/18

Just tried this one tonight for the first time.

It also has a slightly sweet smell of pineapple on it and also in its taste, not a smack you in the face smell, but it’s there, it’s pretty crumbly, and lots of ’crack rock’ size prices lol

It also came in a silicon container ...


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