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Hush specializes in quality Kootenay grown Living Soil Organic and conventionally grown AAAA strains. We offer a wide selection of flower in all grades, including a large bulk section. Our prices are extremely competitive with satisfaction guaranteed.
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Rayumi·hushcannabisclub·577d334 reviews

Pink Kush - HushCannabisClub - December 2022

Scent - has the classic pink kush smell. Great sweet pine floral kushy smell.

Visual - some massive some medium. Tons of greens and some dark hues. Some vibrant orange hairs on top. The trichomes build up as it goes to the top of the bud and the trichomes has a nice glistening look to it...
Rayumi·hushcannabisclub·580d334 reviews

Lemon Tree Shatter - HushCannabisClub - December 2022

Scent - has a slight lemon citrus smell to it. Other then that nothing else is present for smell.

Visual - has a gorgeous golden yellow colour. Pull and snap consistency with it leaning on the more snappy side. I couldn't really meld it in my hands. It would just Crumble.

milo902·hushcannabisclub·906d160 reviews

LSO Widow Cheese-Hushcannabisclub-January

LSO Widow Cheese Grade: AAAA Price: $225oz

Really nice looking herb at first sight and crazy zesty cheddar cheese smell! Tight,rock solid,light,crispy medium sized buds, bright lime green with some dark forest green bleeding throughout,Covered in bright orange hairs and completely caked ...
Rayumi·hushcannabisclub·981d334 reviews

Blue Magoo Smalls - HushCannabisClub - November 2021

Scent - a fruity cheesey stankk. Super cheesey.

Visual - a heavy frosting of crystals on top of everything. Underneath has some deep purples with some greens.

Smoke/burn - ash was light grey with black. Smooth.

Exhale - exactly like the smell fruity cheese exhale....
Rayumi·hushcannabisclub·981d334 reviews

LSO Goji Haze - HushCannabisClub - November 2021

Scent - a very sweet tropical berry. Very hazy to the extreme. I could smell this strain all day. Very yummy

Visual - light green buds with some dark greens. Pale amber hairs. A very good amount of trichomes.

Smoke/burn - burns mostly white with some black ash. Smooth and ligh...
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