March 6, 2024
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March 6, 2024
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May 21, 2024




Bluesman·WeedCargo·59d6 reviews
This is my first time trying one of the craft selections at WeedCargo.
First off, super crystally, dark dark color, squish and it mostly stays squished but slowly expands a bit.
Smell didn’t jump out, I couldn’t hardly smell it, I though, no can’t be. Thought I was getting that...See M...
Bluesman·WeedCargo·128d6 reviews
My first time trying Gelato and as usual anything I get from Weed Cargo is top notch.
Taste and smell of this one is strong and mouth watering, so tasty. Nice white ash and the flavor was still good when finishing a joint.
Strong high that raised my energy levels but didn’t make me hyper ...
Bluesman·WeedCargo·133d6 reviews
Peanut butter Breath AAAA from Weed Cargo is one of the best ones I had.
It pretty much checked all the boxes for me.
Nice white ash, didn’t ronch me out at all and it had a really good Kushy flavor.
I like how WC says perfect cure and it actually is.
Good smooth powerful high, did...
Bluesman·WeedCargo·134d6 reviews
Another impressive bag of weed from Weed Cargo.
Dense nuggets, nice smell that instantly took me back about 30 years for some reason, must have smelled something good back then.
Can smell spiciness and a fruity smell that reminds me of an over ripe banana tasting strain I had a few years ago...
Bluesman·WeedCargo·135d6 reviews
A+ for taste, smell and moisture level.
Smokes great and burns evenly.
Didn’t detect any apple flavor but it’s very good.
I would buy it again.
Weed Cargo sells great quality products
Bluesman·WeedCargo·135d6 reviews
Lordy lordy lordy this girl came with her dancing shoes.
I really am starting to think all the cake ones are just really good.
First two, not even big tokes and there is already a decent resin ring, nice.
Didn’t harsh me out but I could see coughing just because of how dense the smoke ...
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