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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021
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January 8, 2022




blacktooth13·PacificGrass·632d65 reviews
Idk why or who doing this? But its gotta stop. Im not gonna put up screenshot, but i am a moderator. I gotta clean this wreckage up. For a month pacific grass over took HGA and Onlygas as the #1 ttending and all off fake reviews over and over. Dont do this ffs, it ruins the site and fukks with the p...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·641d65 reviews
Idk im not fishing for no $20. Im the only mod i know of... Onlygas is reloading new strains!!!! And go!!
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·641d65 reviews
Was excited by smell n visual look. Even tge name had me wantin to know and it was fire. A bit of gas but def no project 4615 #2. It lookt n smelled better tho somehow. I didnt like it as much tho. Still gang weeed. Def might be what u need
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·641d65 reviews
Probably the bomb chron donskii here this order. My fave anyway n they were all killz. Best terps n bud size etc. It was just the stand out. Id order it. Idk if it was a half? I think a full ounce but idk any more.
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·641d65 reviews
K so furst off i gotta leave the canna terms behind n be honest. Idk if its jello 1 or 2 n idk if i ever will. I keep tryin to die ffs. Jus keeep ODing on carfent n violating parole like a fool. I have a great life. So theres the truth there. Now about the weed itself.

This is the only bag...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·641d65 reviews
Pretty sexy tbh. Or at least the visual n smell. This broke kid def aint fukkn around. But to be fair it wasnt my terp type. Kinda like the jet fuel jus not for me. Smell was exotic af but taste dont translate too well. Burned great n got me high tho. My guess is this was a hydro or a coco grow but ...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·675d65 reviews
Has a very strange smell in the jar. Similar to wine maybe? Looks very orange with purple leaves left behind from the trim. Quite a bit of frost n def on the moist side. Nuggz are all roughly half gram give or take and this was a sample strain for $20 review. Once busted up u can smell tye bitter sw...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·676d65 reviews
Love the aromatics when u crack the bag... Str8 gas. Taste is a bit muted but still pretty fukkn dope. Really dense, slightly moist nuggz roughly a chucky gram on average. Solid buzz more to the indica or down side id say... Idk what they asking price wise as this was a sample. Probably what most wo...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·676d65 reviews
Got this as a sample, love these huge samples... Mostly 3/4 of a gram size nuggz, medium to heavy frost n alotta fiery orange hairs. Spots of dark green n purple and pretty fukkn dense, jus a little on the moist side but nothing serious at all. Smell is sweet n spicy and the taste follows the sweetn...
blacktooth13·OnlyGas·677d65 reviews
Probably the strangest terps i ever did smell, i guess a sour or faint smell of wine? Hard to say exactly but along those lines. Not much for a taste which surprised me. Looks pretty nice but def could use a better trim, but not nad enuff that its an issue. Otherwise its kinda on the moist side, but...
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