October 25, 2018
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October 25, 2018
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July 13, 2020




deadmoney·LowPriceBud·868d19 reviews
MOM Name: Low Price Bud

Overall rating out of 10: 10

Sign Up: n/a

Ordering & Pricing: Good flower selection, website is straight forward. Good selection with full range of prices, seems inline with current market.

Communication: No communication required but k...
deadmoney·MedicinalMemories·910d19 reviews

Death Bubba From Medicinal Memories

Colorful bud with varying greens and purples with spurts of orange ha...
deadmoney·BlowOut420·1085d19 reviews
Pink Kush $99oz


This Pink Kush arrived as very tight, dense buds showing deep greens and purples, healthy orange pistils and a good covering of trichomes.

The nose is fairly strong with sweet gas and pine and a dank kushiness. ...
deadmoney·KushStation·1132d19 reviews
As part of 416strains Collaborative Community Review program, I was honored to be gifted some flower to review.

First up is some fire Pink Bubba sourced from Kush Station. Be sure to check out the great team at 416strain...
deadmoney·Pink Joint·1213d19 reviews
Pink Joint
Overall rating out of 10: 7.5

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Standard MOM signup, ID required.

Ordering & Pricing:

Pink Joint has a nice selection of flower, priced on the cheaper side with some $99oz and $64 half oz, trips price...
deadmoney·ChronicPost·1229d19 reviews

New MOM based out of BC.

Overall rating out of 10: 9

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Standard MOM sign up, create an account. No ID required.

Ordering & Pricing:

Pricing ranges from $100oz AA to $230 AAAA

Flower, Edibles, Shatter, Hash and more. ...
deadmoney·MaryJaneDispatch·1230d19 reviews

Overall rating out of 10: 9

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Standard MOM signup, ID req’d

Ordering & Pricing:

Always super fast in packaging and shipping.

MaryJaneDispatch offers fantastic deals:

deadmoney·BoomerBudClub·1250d19 reviews
Boomer Bud Club

New MOM based out of BC. Selling high quality Organic Flower, edibles and concentrates. All their products are 3rd party lab tested. With over 60 years experience, they control everthing from growing to finished product, no middlemen.

Overall rating out of 10: 8.5...
deadmoney·MaryJaneDispatch·1263d19 reviews
Mary Jane Dispatch

New mom from Ontario. Ran by a couple of local growers whose goal is value for dollar. ’ We went to provide a clean, high quality and affordable option for all Canadians that want to enjoy cannabis.’

Overall rating out of 10: 9

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deadmoney·Royalkure·1283d19 reviews
Royal Kure

New Mom based out of BC

Overall rating out of 10: 9

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Easy signup, no ID required

Ordering & Pricing:

Etransfer or Crypto payment options. Good selection of flower. Fair pricing for smaller orders but huge discounts for bulk. Coup...
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