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January 21, 2023


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Stonerscotian1·SeedToSmoke·937d93 reviews
Having a smaller bud size and being totally caked out with mad purple throughout. Only downside it was super dry. This flower nearly rolled itself instantly busting up to a fine powder. Had a proper manicure job. Has an aroma of mild citrus earthy orange scent.

Upon smoking I tasted a sl...
Stonerscotian1·SeedToSmoke·938d93 reviews
Beautiful medium sized buds with a nice caking of trichomes. Trimmed decently and cured well being a only a tad on the dryer side. Has a mild aroma blue earthy aroma.

When smoked in a joint I was left a with a delightful mild blue taste with spicy earthyness. Smoke was overly smooth tickl...
This cookie had a bakery quality appeal to it, topped with a a swirl of icing and toffee bits. Says on the slick mylar bag that it came in that it is made with hand infused clarified butter and is approximately 300 mg of full spectrum thc per cookie. Also says its made with the strain Pink Kush. ...
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·941d93 reviews
Coming in a small 5 ml glass jar, this kief has a beautiful golden brown coloring. It was quite clumpy, not being powdery. It was quite potent for kief not bring like the usual under whelming stuff. Burn nice and had a dank earthy pine taste.

Quality - 8.75 Value - 9
Stonerscotian1·NextNug·943d93 reviews
Just glistening right out in trichomes and having some foxtailing this beautiful flower is called Master Kush. The buds are meaty and pretty firm with pretty well no spongeyness. The aroma is of a pungent dank gassy earth.

Upon smoking I was greeted with a sweet earthy taste with a sligh...
Stonerscotian1·NextNug·945d93 reviews
These beautifully buds are just coated in amber colored trichomes. Trimmed very well and cured splendidly. The buds are of a nice small to medium size and they are pretty firm with a nice spongeyness on touch. Has a succelent unique aroma of sharp sickly sweet skunk.

It burned slow and c...
Stonerscotian1·NextNug·948d93 reviews
These nice looking frosty buds have a real tight density to them with the ever so slightest spongeyness on touch. Buds are of a meaty well rounded mainly medium size. Trimmed close to perfection and cured near perfect. The aroma was of pungent sweet candy like scent with earthy notes.

Stonerscotian1·THCHQ·948d93 reviews
Solid AAA, my bad it's not a quad. Thanks for the input Mr.Boof
Stonerscotian1·NextNug·949d93 reviews
This classic strain has a moderate gassy musky earthy pine like aroma admitting from them. The appearance is of a properly frosted flower. Trimmed well and cured nicely, just a tad dry.

Upon smoking I tasted a flavorful pungent sweet musky earthy taste with hints of sour later becoming m...
Stonerscotian1·THCHQ·950d93 reviews
This flower is called LA Kush, it is an classic OG Kush descendent. Having quite a nice frosting and a stunning visual. The scent is of a loud musky earth. Busted up quite nicely and had a nice stickyness to the buds.

While smoked I caught a musky earthy spicy taste which left a awesome l...
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