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August 24, 2023


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marie47burke·TogoWeed·39d19 reviews
Nice to see Gas Basket again from Togo! I tried it long ago and it was really good. My review this time... is still really good but with some points. I love how gassy and stinky it is, definitely the highlight. One thing I felt about this batch is that it felt a bit moist when I got it. It burnt a b...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·81d19 reviews
Anyone else like a stinky bag? That's probably one of my favourite things and this one was pretty stankyyyy. Garlic gas reeking the room is probably how I would describe it. This Garlic Sherbet also looked the part as well with a darker looking nug profile, perfectly trimmed, and decent amount o...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·160d19 reviews
Got this BBCF Animal Sorbet x Kush Mints during 420 sale at Togo... Thought I would spend a bit more since there is a discount. Nugs were a nice green and purple and were dense, love how not fluffy they were. I think the highlight of this one is really the flavour, it was pretty loud of sweet pine/m...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·197d19 reviews
Alright, this Wild Sherb is WILDIN! Grabbed this treat (only an 8th) by Pacific Bud Boys. It was one of their Private Reserve items, but from what I heard it was one of the harder items to cop, I'm glad I got some. I know there are mixed reviews on PR items, but I gotta say I really enjoyed it. ...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·197d19 reviews
TBH I didn't know what to expect when getting this, I just wanted to try some stuff on Togo's new drops. Boy, was I pleased with it! This one is grown by a private grower, but I was told this grower did some other strains that were quite nice. This one had a truly nice flavours, but really a...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·222d19 reviews
Omg, lol! This one was crazy. Starting off with how it looks, WOW! Totally caked... maybe more trichomes than there was green, crystals all over the cracks, nice and dense buds too. Smoke was pretty good too, a nice sweet creaminess, had that ”BERRY PUNCH” nose, but was lighter on smoke. Potency...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·254d19 reviews
WOW! Got a nice treat here with these ones. Super intrigued by the dark, purple like nugs. Kinda hard to see in the photos, but its darker for sure and has nice purps around the butt and skurt of the nugs, absolutely a beaut! All in all, the smoke itself was pretty amazing as well, both me and my hu...
marie47burke·KushStation·287d19 reviews
The name really caught my eye, anything that sounds creamy and desert like I'm all down for. Loved the look of the buds, they were actually light green, with a nice contrast of dark leaves/orange hairs, plus pretty caked out overall. Pretty smooth smoke overall, got that nice sweet cream on smok...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·313d19 reviews
Alright this is a continuation on our PBB adventure. This one may be on the top of my list from the last few I've tried: Gas Basket, Death Bubba. The name of this one serves it right, Stank House... got a real stank to it for sure. Not sure how to describe it.

It smokes really well l...
marie47burke·TogoWeed·320d19 reviews
Alright, so me and my hubby went a little off and loved the Gas Basket so much we grabbed two more, lol. Call us impulsive, but HEY, treat yourselves sometimes right?

This was the Death Bubba by Pacific Bud Boys. Call me a PBB fan girl because I'm all for it. This may be one of the m...
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