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July 21, 2022


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robbie444001·HighGradeAid·973d22 reviews
Picked up half oz on sale. Decent strong indica, trimmed well, burns nice . Solid 8/10 . Would pickup again .
robbie444001·KushStation·975d22 reviews
Picked up on their OZ deal for $130. Good solid daily driver. Nice sized and cured well. Would buy again. 7.5/10. Also always get some shipwrecked gummies when ordering from kushstation.
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·999d22 reviews
Got the mango haze, has a nice flavor, hits pretty hard. I really like the adjustable air flow feature. Quick shipping. Also picked up some assorted flower, the greasy monkey was my favorite of those.
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1021d22 reviews
Another nice Death strain from high grade aid .Well trimmed and cured, frosted, great smell , taste and the potentcy I've come to expect on these. Shipping was slow to arrive (7 business days for 1 province over) but that is on Canada post not HGA. Picked up some hash and a vape cartridge as we...
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1034d22 reviews
A nice pickup on the 50% off sale. Shipped quickly which seems to be the norm from HGA which is appreciated. Well trimmed. Slightly dry. Smokes nice, fairly potent. I dont love the smell, find it just about perfumey, might be better after some jar time. Never had this strain but I do like most cooki...
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1054d22 reviews
Pretty great as per usual on the death strains from high grade aid. Bud size had a disclaimer listed of small-medium. Solid smoke, great taste, well cured. 8/10 all around
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1061d22 reviews
Yea i paid $76 for the oz shipped with discounts so for the price im good
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1070d22 reviews
Quick shipping. Decent for price paid ($123). Well cured. Good sized buds. Fairly muted smell, may come around more after a few days in the jar. Somewhat mild indica. 7/10
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1133d22 reviews
Another nice grab from hga. Sweet smoke, oil ring, nicely cured and trimmed. Small - medium nuggets as advertised. Paid $158 for the oz with discount , would buy again.
robbie444001·HighGradeAid·1157d22 reviews
2nd time getting this strain, once again I’m impressed. Smooth tasty smoke, white ash, well cured, nice sized buds. Would buy again at the price . 9.5/10 All around.
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