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apukjij·AtlanticGreenRush·684d1 review

Buyer Beware Atlantic Green Rush Oct 2020 SEEDED WEED

they said since i bought ’literally the cheapest weed on their menu’ i should expect some seeds. and they do not offer refunds or replacements. Tainted Stock should be removed from the menu or at least a disclaimer that the product has seeds. More greedy fracking MOMs’
Pitsy96·AtlanticGreenRush·841d42 reviews

98 bubba honey comb - atlanticgreenrush - April 29th

Tastes good and very smooth smoke. Nice hybrid buzz, head and body high but still functional. Potency not there for 40$ for a gram, not bad but would rather live res or shatter. 6/10 prob wouldn’t buy again
Pitsy96·AtlanticGreenRush·847d42 reviews

Rockhopper pre roll - Atlantic green rush - April 23

10$ from agr. 1 gram of weed rolled with keif and rso. Nice size joint, rolled well and burned quite a bit. Tasted very chemically, was a very hash smoke and hard on throat. High took a few too kick in but once it did it hit hard. Total body stone, coach lock kind of high. Just smoked at 11am and am...
Pitsy96·AtlanticGreenRush·1042d42 reviews

Mixed order - Atlantic green rush - oct 11

Not impressed at all. Pink kush was advertised as smalls yet the others are smaller buds then the pink. Sent me 3 of the wrong edibles as well.
xadescozy·AtlanticGreenRush·1183d44 reviews

Twisted extracts gummies-atlanticgreenrush-end of may

Different strokes for different folks
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