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dnmSeaDragon·BCBudStore·1036d39 reviews

Skittles - BC Bud Store - Oct 15th

Slightly disappointed with this one, ordered 7g and it came in two of their new 3.5g containers so it all ended up being smaller buds and a little bit dry. Has a nice sour earthy smell and taste to it. Potency seems okay, already smoked a decent amount of other stuff today so it’s kinda hard to te...
dnmSeaDragon·BCBudStore·1037d39 reviews

Grapefruit Soda - BCBud Store - Oct 15th

Oh shit, didn’t even realize it haha. Thanks
dnmSeaDragon·BCBudStore·1041d39 reviews

Blue Diablo - BCBud Store - Oct 4th

Unfortunately this one is not really worth the price at $73/quarter or $243/oz. It looks pretty decent and the smell and taste are pretty good And kind of sweet/berryish or something but nothing about it really stands out for the price. The high is decent but not as strong as I was hoping for and se...
unseeingalpaca·BCBudStore·1042d6 reviews

Blackberry-BCbudstore-Early October

As soon as the can is open the sweet sweet smell hits your nostrils, looks caked. came in all medium sized buds.
dnmSeaDragon·BCBudStore·1048d39 reviews

Blackberry - BCBud Store - Oct 4th

One of my favourites from BCBud. Very interesting berry type flavour and smell. Haven’t had any this order yet but i’m sure its as potent and smooth as usual. Also a steal at the current sale price of $150/oz
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