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Greasy Pink Death - BC Buds Medical - April 2018

Probably the best I have smoked in a while. Now I know why they call it greasy, it’s so sticky it is like grease! Was only on my second hoot from a doin and I felt it! Hence the “death” part. Wow!
HighDrowElf·BCBudsMedical·1593d5 reviews

MOM Name Bc Buds Medical

Overall rating 10/10

Sign Up: Super easy. Takes a just couple minutes

Ordering & Pricing: Prices are a little on the higher side, but in this case you get what you pay for

Communication: Communication was great, i mentioned to them how i had j...
Tomatoed75·BCBudsMedical·1595d5 reviews

Purple Tuna Star from BC Buds Medical (March 2018)


This was a freebie 1/8 oz with my order. Not sure how much longer this promo is on for.

The Buds had a nice inner purple and smelled, tasted, smelled great and not to mention great high. Full review experience on Q2 moms
Tomatoed75·BCBudsMedical·1595d5 reviews

Space Cake from BC Buds Medical (March 2018)

Repost. Sorry didn’t add month in the title in previous post.

This one had a great aroma and stickiness. High was real strong. See my full review on Q2 moms
Tomatoed75·BCBudsMedical·1595d5 reviews

Purple White Lightning from BC Buds Medical (March 2018)

Repost. First one got deleted because I didn’t add the month. Oops. Sorry guys.

This one burned real nice and I got super ripped. Nice dark purple in person. Full review on Q2 moms
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