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38thirtyeight38·BigBossFarms·246d335 reviews

Astro Pink by Big Boss Farms sourced from Gizmo December 2021

Astro Pink

• Lineage: pheno of Pink Kush

• Bred by Unknown

• Cultivated by Big Boss Farms

• Sourced from Gizmocrafts

• ? • Bag appeal - medium to large sized chunky buds with a great trim and cure are extremely dense and are bo...
thechronickid_00·BigBossFarms·295d1236 reviews

Organic Coastal Pink - Big Boss Farms - October 2021

Organic Coastal Pink Review

Sourced by : @bigbossrsvp @bigbosscomicsgroup

This Organic Coastal Pink arrived on the chunky, dense side, sporting a light green complexion that's met by a lush forest of fat orange pistils and faint glimpses of purple. Fresh, sticky, and very w...
thechronickid_00·BigBossFarms·298d1236 reviews

Pink Death - Big Boss Farms - October 2021

Pink Death Review

Genetics : Pink Kush x Death Bubba

Sourced by : @bigbossrsvp @bigbosscomicsgroup

Always loved this cross since the first time I tried it as the parents go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pink Kush x Death Bubba, producing these dense, highly ...
thechronickid_00·BigBossFarms·299d1236 reviews

Blue Runtz - Big Boss Farms - October 2021

Blue Runtz Review

Sourced by : @bigbossrsvp @bigbosscomicsgroup

Scrumptious, fox-tailed buds, impressively greasy, snappy, and sticky to the touch with a magnificent trim and superb cure to follow. Her colours are mainly pine green with glimpses of dark purple throughout, cloak...
thechronickid_00·BigBossFarms·300d1236 reviews

Pink Tuci - Big Boss Farms - October 2021

Pink Tuci Review

Sourced by : @bigbossrsvp @bigbosscomicsgroup

Not sure of the genetics on this one but I'm assuming it's a Pink Kush pheno. The buds are beautiful, looking similar to the Blue Gas Mask I just reviewed in structure. Fox tailed and highly resinous, follow...
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