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parsapzh·Bud99·604d11 reviews

Pre 98 Bubba - Bud99 - November 2022

Wanted to get some proper Indica to go with my others ounce. Small dense nugs covered in kief with a bit of crystal leaf. Does look similar to what they show on site.

Not the strongest pre 98 bubba I had but it's fresh and still retain all the stickiness and pungent smell. The high...
parsapzh·Bud99·606d11 reviews

Lemon Haze - Bud99 - November 2022

This stuff is amazingly cheap and I'm surprised they did put a disclaimer on the product. Some small pieces, some will be more average sizes with a bit of kief over it. Not the freshest stuff around but it's not like pouring lava down your throat. I still wouldn't store it for long thoug...
J-Winter04·Bud99·831d2 reviews

Tits AAAA Bud99

Its a AAAA my camera is broken so doesn't take best pics, the bag appeal wasn't what I was expecting but impressed me non the less
Winter04·Bud99·843d4 reviews

Apple Jack AAAA

Apple Jack AAAA
They gave me a gram sample of this that has left me wanting more. Forgot to take a picture of nug before rolling last joint however super dense and busted fat. Thick layer of trichs which transferred to a smooth sweet smoke. Strong burst of euphoria upon first couple takes. White...
Winter04·Bud99·843d4 reviews

Purple Space Cookies AAA+

Purple Space Cookies AAA+
Super light/smooth smoke. Really smooth with an almost floral taste. Gorgeous semi dense (little fluff) purplish nugs with a nice frosted layer. Evenly balanced spacey high. Crazy how smooth the hit was on this one, I almost like to feel it hit my lungs a little more b...
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