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damasdahab·CanMedi·917d15 reviews

Bubba Kingz Ghost Bubba - Canmedi - Jan 2020

Q 8.5/10 V 8.5/10

Another great strain from bk. Deep bubba earth dankness that carries to the flavor. Very nice relaxing high that won’t knock you out but will knock you down. Can’t get enough of these bubba genetics!
damasdahab·CanMedi·917d15 reviews

Bubba Kingz El Jefe - Canmedi - Jan 2020

Q 11/10 V 9/10

The head honcho as they describe it. Not the regular el jefe going around, this is a muerte pheno with bubba genetics.

Absolutely offensive stank, perfect burn, creamy sweet gas flavor, and potency that will take you to outer space and further. Seriously the couch lo...
thechronickid_00·CanMedi·1193d1236 reviews

Grand Daddy Purple - CanMedi - May 2019

Glad I found this deal when I did as it sold out quickly. Stupid cheap for a half o and its worth it in every sense. Taste and nose are on point. Grape, earthy, and floral and the smell lingers after a bong hit just as the taste does on the pallet. Really pefume like and floral. A few large nugs but...
realgrimm·CanMedi·1198d14 reviews

grimms CanMedi | Wonder Woman|Afghani Bullrider|Wappa|Northern Lights|+ more, Flower Review



Overall rating out of 10:9

had a good experience,liked all my choices,parcel was mailed Wednesday and I received it Friday 7:46 pm ,besides the high prices was happy to find Wonder Woman thanx for locating it @Canmedi

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doingweed·CanMedi·1222d3 reviews

Hawaiian Haze - Canmedi - April 2019

This haze is absolutely caked. It has a really fruity, kind of papaya nose to it. Tastes like LSD, good effect! Im happy with this as my day time smoke
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