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Blockboxx·CheapWeed·26d1 review

Very Berry - CheapWeed - July 2022

Not bad for $50 tho. Wanted to try the cheapest ounce since I am a little tight on cash. If it weren't for the leafy shake, this would actually be a really good popcorn nug. There was a lot of sugar leaves being taken off, I felt like that was a lot of the weight and they wouldn't have taste...
Tab7879·CheapWeed·130d159 reviews

Mixed pack, cheapweedmart, april

Flapjacks This bud was really coated in Crystal throughout. Nice clean ash. A great sweet taste and smell finished off by a nice body high. A really nice potent strain.

Meat breath This one was a pretty solid bud. And again loads of glittery tricombs especially when cracked open and you ...
ImYoPusha·CheapWeed·165d1 review

Huckleberry Soda #4 - CheapWeedMart - March 2022

External-Ad-9865·CheapWeed·554d2 reviews

Bad half p of purple cream from [] it’s been a week and still no answer from support, they made it seem like they were going to do something about it but I guess not...

They like you so much that they wanted you to have seeds so you can grow your own and become self-sufficient
External-Ad-9865·CheapWeed·554d2 reviews

Bad half p, brown & steamy, first two pictures is the bud I got and the last two pictures is what my friend got (Same strain). I got ahold of support but was ignored on a previous order, let’s try this again. No answer yet, will update if they make up for mistake.[]

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