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NF_D00M·ChronicPost·1214d15 reviews

'Darth Vader OG' - Chronic Post, August 2019

’Darth Vader OG’: one large-sized bud that was leafy, very dense, and carries a berry/earthy smell out the bag. Flower is extremely frosty with crystals, heavy on the purple tones, and visually is appealing to look at after a quick trim. Smoked fairly well in a joint, a tad harsh (only in the sl...
NF_D00M·ChronicPost·1214d15 reviews

'Island Boy's Love Potion #1' - Chronic Post, August 2019

’Island Boy’s Love Potion Number 1’ (G13 x Colombian Gold): One large-sized bud that is fluffy, somewhat leafy, and carries an interesting citrus/lemon aroma that is fairly unique (somewhat comparable to ’Chocolate Japan’). Flower has good amount of crystals and is stunning to look at. Smo...
NF_D00M·ChronicPost·1214d15 reviews

'Greasy Pink Kush' - Chronic Post, August 2019

’Greasy Pink Kush’: yet another large-sized bud that was somewhat leafy, very dense appearing, and carried a gassy kush smell out the bag. IMHO this was visually the most stunning strain - coated in crystals with plenty of orange and red hairs, and lots of purple/violet undertones throughout. Sm...
Pattypat123·ChronicPost·1215d13 reviews

Mk Ultra/chronicpost/july19

Overall 8/10.
Good smoke.
Lacks a bit of nose, bud is a bit crunchy.
Diablesse187·ChronicPost·1216d77 reviews Darth Vader OG reviews

Strain : Darth Vader OG ( )

Variété : Indica

Croissement : Purple Kush X Skywalker OG

Aspect : Cocottes de grosseur moyenne bien givré avec beaucoup de mauve

Odeur : Sucré avec ...
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