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Fatso-cwf-March 4 not incentivized

Picked up a can of fatso from cwf and though the bud is beautiful I am dissappointed. Not a heavy hitter at all, ash burns black and my jar was all smalls and shake. Not what you expect when paying their prices, I sent a pic and email to them asking what’s up but no reply. Oh well, another one off...

Medi bites - cwf - feb 9

It's just a picture of a package....

Lemon mints - cwf - feb 9

Really nice n smooth, great flavour profile
ryzea·CoastalWildfire·230d22 reviews

Apples and Bananas - ?Coastal Wild Fire? - December 2022 ***warning***

Not sure where to even start with this “review” if you can even call it one lol. Bought a half ounce of apples and bananas grown by GreenCamel from CWF and upon opening the can I was greeted by 45+ premature larfy small buds. Take into account this is one 14g can spre...
millzog·CoastalWildfire·247d42 reviews

SQUAKE (CE) & Gelato 33(?) - CWF Black Friday Sale - DEC 21

Took over a week to get delivered but worth every second of the wait. Terpy gassy loud clean buds full of flavor and potency.. wow now this is what I'm talking about. Really happy with this order, both right up my alley. Processed and shipped quick as always, got a 14 of SQ and a 7G can of G33 f...
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