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We carry all organic flower and hash rosin made in house at our aquaculture facility, 90%of our cultivars are exclusive to us
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Mandarin Pie - ColumbiaCoastCollective - August

It’s a real shame this is going to be for oil and not smoking- Giant (Bic Lighter-sized)nugs, dense, sticky and fresh even without a boveda. Pictured is 28g but it doesn’t capture the smell! Mmm, sweet and earthy in the bag; citrusy with a little pine when busted up.

Delicious smoke, i...

Blood Orange, Columbia Coast Collective (Instagram), End of April, 2019.

Absolutely incredible. By far my favorite strain from anyone ever. One small Arizer solo 2 bowl had me in space

Merlot, Columbia Coast Collective on Instagram, End of April 2019

I think it’s my favorite strain I’ve tried in awhile. The taste when vaped is straight up grape bubble gum. High fades a bit quicker than other indicas from them (for me anyway, but I have a high tolerance) but it’s a nice mellow body high and leaves me happy and giggly

Dark and Stormy, Columbia Coast Collective on Instagram, May 2019

Really nice, definitely will order it again. It smells like a mixture of citrus iced tea and grape, and tastes very grape-y as well. Perfect for bedtime, helped me drift right off to sleep

Miracle Angel Cake, Columbia Coast Collective, April 2019

It does! It smells absolutely heavenly, like cake frosting. Nice sweet earthy flavor with a nice aftertaste too
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