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We specialize in offering wholesale prices to the general public. We sell everything except flower & are most well known for our vape carts. We are a small family run company and make all our own products.
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El Chapo OG - Distillate Direct - June 2022

Not bad for the price. but I normally see El Chapo more dense than this with a lot more gassy grape smells. I wouldn't mind smoking this on the beach or for my afternoon lunch to curb the food coma. Easy to smoke but wish it was more dense and less leafy. Got to have a good walk with the grey c...
LipG·DistillateDirect·172d1 review

Huckleberry Soda-Distillate Direct-February 2022

First post ever and haven’t even made a single comment on Reddit in 7 yrs then outta no where you decide to throw up a review on MOMpics for DD……. Hmmm ?

Hash plant - Distillate Direct - December 2021

This is an Indica dominant strain that has a pine and earthy aroma and a very sweet taste. It was a great high. I also have insomnia so this helped me sleep quite well. Would recommend 8/10

Cbd shark-distillate direct-October 2021

Nano Sweet Coffee thc syrup- distillate direct-October

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