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Premium Quality Quads, Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, and more. All flower shipped in sealed cans. Wholesale Accounts with huge discounts available upon request and approval.
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Cherry RSO - Full spectrum farms - March 24

Full Spectrum Farms. Review - July 2019

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Full Spectrum Farms


Received in a very speedy two days from BC to Ontario. Packaged in a bubble mailer, with all the contents within vacuum sealed. Nothing squished or no smell whatsoever!

**Grease Monkey**


Full Spectrum CBD Drops 30ml (1000mg CBD, Hemp Oil) - Full Spectrum Farms - July 2019

This is FSF’s full spectrum CBD drops, I’m a 30ml bottle and contains 1000mg of CBD. I am not too familiar with hemp oil based drops as I am with the mct oil based ones but they were rather effective. This one was slightly darker in comparison and a stronger taste of hemp/plant matter. Can be a ...

Infused Gummies (200mg THC/Pack,20mg THC/Gummy - Full Spectrum Farms - July 2019

What do you mean?

Cherry RSO, 600mg THC/20mg CBD - Full Spectrum Farms - July 2019

I tried them before and they are great! Thanks man
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