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cake crasher-ganjagrams-July22

What a lovely strain Cake Crasher is full of crystals and nice tight buds. Excellent for relaxing after a busy day. Definitely helps with sleep issues and it has a very smooth and sweet taste.

Cookies and Cream- ganjagrams- feb

This bud is bright green in color with sparse red hairs. The nugs are tight and absolutely covered in crystals. Nice to just look at ? It tastes almost as good as it looks with a sweet earthy taste that is great. This bud gives you a happy high with a slight body buzz. Not too strong though, can us...

Blueberry zkittles- ganjagrams- feb

Its a shame that the time wasnt taken to trim properly because the buds are beautiful other than the fact they are covered in leaves. It is dark tones of greenwith red hairs throughout. Its totally covered in crystals. It has a sweet pine taste both in the bong and a joint.when you open the bag it h...

Mataro Blue-XO cartridge- ganjagrams- February

This cartridge is great. It is inconspicuous and keeps me smiling. It has a slight incense smell to it only when exhaled. It has a fresh and sweet flavor which is enjoyable. It made me feel happy and focused. Not a heavy hitter but enough to get the job done . Value 8/10 Quality 7/10...

Hawaiian Haze XO cartridge-ganjagrams-Feb

Once again these shatter cartridges are great, they help me catch a buzz in a very discrete fashion. It is almost odorless but you can detect a slight incense like smell. It has a sweet flavor that keeps you wanting more. It makes you feel happy and energized while feeling lazy at the same time. It ...
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