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In-house grown, extracted and branded. Loyalty and referral program available as well.
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No_Slip_1288·GhostDrops·40d1 review

GDP.?What other plant could you ask God for apart from weed

thedopechaud30·GhostDrops·423d32 reviews

First Class Funk - Ghostdrops - April/June 2021

A few drops of this stuff and I'm still as satisfied as the first time a few years ago. It's a must try, simple as that. Smells like lemon garlic butter with a smooth exhale, bone white ash and potent as fuck.
Fortnitessucks·GhostDrops·430d29 reviews

Khalifa Mints - GhostDrops - June

Khalifa Mints/Baby Yoda from Headwater

After seeing all the hype around this I had to get some. First impressions is obviously damn this stuff is caked with trichomes lol, smell is very funky, like a lemon-gassy smell. The buds are a little airy, they are still sticky and grind up nice bu...
frankieq10·GhostDrops·437d254 reviews

$5 Milkshake - UP from Ghost Drops - June

Mywifeknowsimhere·GhostDrops·439d25 reviews

Khalifa Mints FSE/Diamonds—Headwater Cannabis GD—June 2021

Sourced from Ghost Drops, not too sure who the creator is as i thought it said a 3rd party did the extracting on the baby yodas. But the flower was the headwater cannabis baby Yoda this was derived from. The flavour on this is out of this world unless you cook the crap outta it like me. I got a samp...
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