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Rayumi·GoldDreams·331d306 reviews

Island Pink Kush - GoldDreams - September 2021

Scent - a sweet skunky with hint of fruitiness. Gassy

Visual - stacked in clusters on the bud along with orange hairs and beautiful greens.

Smoke/burn - white and black and leaning a bit more on white. Heavy but smooth

Exhale - a sweet skunky gas exhale

Rayumi·GoldDreams·331d306 reviews

Rockstar Shatter - GoldDreams - September 2021

Scent - a slight sweet aroma. Smells like shatter with lipids.

Visual - golden yellow in colour and the classic shatter look.

Smoke/burn - pretty smooth the residue in banger is a darker yellow pretty much dark amber. Easy clean up though

Exhale - sweet lipids. It t...
Rayumi·GoldDreams·331d306 reviews

Platinum Cookies Kief + CBD Caramels - GoldDreams - September 2021

Scent - a bit of a sweet cookie with earthy with a little floral

Visual - it's like putty sand. Tons of mostuire makes it stick together. Good amount of plant material and I've seen a few stems it's meh. Mostly kief though

Smoke/burn - burns white. And is smooth. To...
Rayumi·GoldDreams·331d306 reviews

Pineapple Express Live resin - GoldDreams - September 2021

Scent - a sweet pineapple candy aroma. Almost smells like pineapple tarts

Visual - light pale. Little sugar grains. Sugary wet texture

Smoke/burn - burns clear on banger and is smooth

Exhale - sweet pineapple.

Effects - an uplifting high instantly bringi...
Rayumi·GoldDreams·331d306 reviews

Double Death Bubba - GoldDreams - September 2021

Scent - intense sweet pine with something else a deeper richer aroma. Smells like steak rub a bit. It's delicious

Visual - caked with trichromes with beautiful orange hairs busting out. Deep dark/purple leaves with some greens. Pretty dense. Could have better trim job but it's wha...
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