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BigCod6·GreenSociety·3d8 reviews

Twisted Citrus - Green Society - November 2022

I bought this strain thinking it would be more purple than this. It could be had another different batch or something else back then. The trim job could be better but since it's tolerable here is some of the better looking one. Smell like oranges and it does carry the similar citrusy taste. Afte...
BigCod6·GreenSociety·4d8 reviews

Key Lime Pie - Green Society - November 2022

Nugs are a bit loose and not really dense as I expect them to be. Smells like mint and lemon and the taste is kinda strange like chocolate when smoked. Strain is slightly lean toward Indica. After a couple of tokes I immediately got a head buzz that travel down my body and stay there. Not the super...
Fangzfps·GreenSociety·14d6 reviews

Black Lime - Green Society - November 2022

Not what I would normally pay for AAA but they might think this is considered AAAA. Without a discount this bud would not be worth it at all but this was something I was very interested in since it just came back and I missed my chance last time.

I do admit this strain is dank as most ...

Purple Unicorn - Green Society - October 2022

Looks great with the purple and orange hints in it, big buds and they are kind of leafy and not trimmed too well but overall is not too bad. The high isn’t the best but tastes pretty decent. Overall it’s not bad, although I ended up mixing mine with another.
Yupi_icc·GreenSociety·35d4 reviews

Purple Unicorn - Green Society - Oct 2022

A bit leafy but the nugs are amazingly frosty. It's like a whole layer of crystals on those greenish nugs. Almost forgot to mention that the nugs are in large size as well. Smell kinda similar to home grown weed and taste slightly similar to blackberries. High is okayish not too potent and reall...
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