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Oregon Golden Goat Smalls - HSP - Late June 2022

Black Light Fantasy - Hillside Pharms - June

Spocks-Nephew·HillSidePharms·177d21 reviews

Black Light Fantasy-Hillside Pharms-Feb 2022

Mendicino Purps x Purple Unicorn

Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Cultivated: Unknown Grower

Grabbed an oz on current sale because I love purple. This stuff reeks of mulled berry wine and tastes very fruity as you might imagine.

Effects are felt a bit behind the ey...
Spocks-Nephew·HillSidePharms·196d21 reviews

Strawberry Snow Cone-aka Strawberry Diesel-HSP-January 2022

Parents: Sour Diesel IBLx Strawberry Cough

Indica/Sativa: 20/80

r: Elev8 Seeds

Grower: Unknown Grower

Taste in Mighty is more Lemon Margy than strawberries, but the effects are typical of sativa dominant strains with a little euphoric energy and a little ...
Spocks-Nephew·HillSidePharms·212d21 reviews

Fuelato-Hillside Pharms-Jan 2022

Breeder:Alien Labs

Grower: KootSelect

A robust 34 gram ounce of smalls. A mix of quarter size to dime size buds, no shake and came with a mini 62% Integra pack.

The taste in a vape is as expected, picking up that unmistakable skunky lemon pine from the SFV OG and th...
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