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MCDaddy75·KingTuts·17d146 reviews

Frosted Gelato - King Tuts cannabis - Nov

Frosted Gelato from King Tuts Cannabis

55% Indica


Cross: Frosted Kush x Gelato

Nose: The nose was sweet and spicy. It was a woody and minty spice with some skunk as well. It was quite pungent and appealing, but the nose died down after a bit.

funkadelichika·KingTuts·34d1 review

King Tut Straight Goods/Xpressgrass/oct2022

Nice smooth peppy high. If your looking for something thats a bit of a helper to get things done this might get ya there. Also could be used for creatives might give you a boost there like it did me one day. Also gives a bit of a social boost. Smooth taste and at 46$ bucks for a 2g vape I am pleased...
Fangzfps·KingTuts·53d6 reviews

Glueberry OG - King Tuts Cannabis - October 2022

I can't recall why I picked this one. Perhaps it causes short term memories issue ?

It smell pleasantly nice with a lot of berry and gas like flavor. The taste have a hints of floral which really put me in a good mood. It's really balanced not too potent and also not too light, ...
MCDaddy75·KingTuts·53d146 reviews

Citrique - King Tuts Cannabis - Sept

Citrique from King Tuts Cannabis

70% Sativa


Cross: Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG

Nose: The nose was pungent, but it had a lightness to it. There was lots of a citrus smell and a flowery woody nose. It was very nice.

Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture l...
MCDaddy75·KingTuts·54d146 reviews

Phantom OG - King Tuts Cannabis- Sept

Phantom OG from King Tuts Cannabis

Balanced Hybrid


Cross: OG Kush x Unknown Strain

Nose: The nose very earthy with some sugary sweetness and a bit of a sour smell. It wasn’t very pungent.

Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was very good, and it...
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