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Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
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grinchman88·KootenayCraft·2108d2 reviews

[Green Goddess] Kootenay Craft ($90 Half Oz. With coupon)

Got this stuff along side the LVPKxGG4. This stuff was seriously great and was my favorite out of the two.

Stuff looked dry when it first came in but after a couple of days it came back.

Smell and taste are great its got this awesome citrusy and pungent smell (Kinda reminds me of ...
RaNdMViLnCE·KootenayCraft·2109d120 reviews

Dharma Diesel - - $80/Q - Dec 20/17

Stinky stuff, Full diesel smell takes over a room when you open the jar, it actually permeates the jar it comes in.
Fully loaded with Chrystal and cured perfectly. This is exactly what a diesel should look & taste IMO. Ive only smoked 1 J so far, but was happy winery the smooth flavour and ...
RaNdMViLnCE·KootenayCraft·2111d120 reviews

Super Lemon OG - - $75/Q - Dec 20/17

58$ after discounts fyi*

Man this is some nice lemon smelling dank.
Exploding with a very lemony smell. It’s hard for the picture to do it justice when it just smells this strong.
This one packs a punch! Really heady high to start then after Half an hour in the Indica’ effects ...
RaNdMViLnCE·KootenayCraft·2112d120 reviews

Dark Angel - - $80/Quarter - Dec 20/17

Nice strain, 50/50 a little harsh on the lungs in a joint, stinky bud both in the jar and when burning, very pungent. It has a rushy kind of high to start out.

This one isn’t as crystallized as the Romulan was, but it’s a pretty unique tasting strain and one I have never had before....
RaNdMViLnCE·KootenayCraft·2112d120 reviews

Romulan - - $75/quarter - Dec 20/17

$240/oz before any discounts.

Really like this representation of this strain.

Really nice head buzz, but not a knock me out buzz.
Looks: bloody amazing, smell is exactly what you would think a perfectly cured sticky piece of dank Romulan would smell, Amazing. Like fills the r...
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