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Quality low priced rosin.
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wallbangu·North Star Rosin·44d326 reviews

Jelly Mints Pheno 8 [ Northstarrosin / exquisite extract ] 15/06/2022

Small to medium in size tight structure same as pheno # 2 A little rough on the outside mostly headless stalks Decent inside was nice and stacked Stronger terps then pheno 2 danker and stronger fruit terps Burns is similar gray with little darker flakes not tasty or anything but taste smooth decent...

Hermit Cookies Live Rosin Slush by Gasfarmsontario sourced from Northstar Rosin back in March 2022

Hermit Cookies 73-159u Live Rosin Slush

• Lineage: Flaming Cookies x  Black Water

• Bred by @hermitwood_apothecary

• Cultivated by @gasfarmsontario.official

• Processed by @gasfarmsontario_solventless

• Sourced from @nsrcollective...

Indica mix by exquisite extracts | Northstar Rosin | April 2022

Honestly I held off from buying it for a while because I didn't think a $300 mixture would bethat good but I'm pleasantly surprised. Overall I am very impressed. The taste of the mixture took some getting used to but it has grown on me, super gassy hashplant with hits of berries. The burn ...
captcrunch·North Star Rosin·122d120 reviews

Cotton Candy HCFSE - North Star Rosin - March 2022

Haha Crepe by Vangyptian sourced from Northstar Rosin March 2022

Now that's something I would love to puff on.
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