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October 11, 2022


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wallbangu·OnlyGas·47d340 reviews
Yea the smell definitely didn't translate to taste on this one. Still they should not have advertised it as AAAA smalls
wallbangu·OnlyGas·62d340 reviews
Sfv OG

Smaller ~1g> nugs this one was a bit dry Pretty nice trichome wise ( pretty ripe) but the nose was very muted at first. After 2 weeks or so it got a little gassy and earthyness coming out nothing crazy. Ive seen some others that burned pretty decently but mine was dark and a bit...
wallbangu·OnlyGas·63d340 reviews
Not sure if I got lucky but mine came with lots of 2g + buds. Best of my order for sure overall.
The nose is a bit tame at first you get some earthyness for the most and a little gas now that its been sitting in a jar for weeks. The rolls are sticky and it burns very nicely for the rating * af...
wallbangu·WeedPost·81d340 reviews
I had not ordered in a while since last summer or so and the same weird nose was in these Smaller sized buds as last summer. My guess is storage Smells like old basement and humidity same for the taste. Burn is fine little pepper flakes here and there but it taste weird not harsh just bad. Didnt ind...
wallbangu·KushStation·82d340 reviews
Super sticky nug but This one was kinda muted at first similar to the tom ford Little greenish nose got better as I ruffed up some fruits. Release some gassier and earthy aromas Doesnt transfer super well to the smoke a little bit raspy but not unpleasant by any means.

Super potent tho, ...
wallbangu·Prohibition Farms·89d340 reviews
Pavé LSO smalls A cross of Paris OG x The-Menthol

A dank minty creamy profile with some musk on the backend its pungent and very similar to a Khalifa Mints ( i know ) or an MCC but felt stronger on the nose. Didnt transfer to the taste as much unfortunately but still smooth. Burns nic...
wallbangu·Prohibition Farms·92d340 reviews
Was excited to try this LED grown Congo after trying the HPS one few months back !

A little less stacked in fruits on the inside. Felt a little less dense as well. But same nose wise pungent deep cheesy musk with woodsy notes. A little more tame off the bat on the palate. But gets more ...
wallbangu·Prohibition Farms·94d340 reviews
ASAHI A cross of Kits Kush Cake x Secret Cookies x Kush Mints

Healthy funky looking nugs small spady fox tails bursting trough the tip. Clusters of resin sack just covering the entire thing.

Ripe and juicy. I always try to put the name on the fruity funk there to me it feels ...
wallbangu·OnlyGas·97d340 reviews
Enjoying that one Id say Lindsay #1 Ilsand pink Rock tuna Would be my favorite in order some of the best.value if not THE best value for budget ive ever had.

It was gassy heavy little piney as well burns a little salt and pepper > video is the day I got it it. The lindsay and this one ...
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