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·3h1 review

Tried reaching out for some products I received no reply

Whole purchase was:
14g sundae driver
14g dirty little secret
7 gs death Bubba FSE
2gs vanity dabs - FREE

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET smelt like hay and was almost crumbly maybe due to shipping??? Smoke was harsh due to being so dry. Taste was awful as it was burnt w...
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·18h1 review

Tropicana Cherry - OnlyGas - September

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Bag Appeal - 8. My quarter was made up of 2 nugs both covered in trichomes and the nugs themselves have a deep purple/green color to them with orange hairs, trimmed pretty nicely but some stragglers are still left behind, the buds are nice and sticky as w...
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·1d338 reviews

SFV OG / Kush Sorbet smalls [] 05/09/2022

Sfv OG

Smaller ~1g> nugs this one was a bit dry Pretty nice trichome wise ( pretty ripe) but the nose was very muted at first. After 2 weeks or so it got a little gassy and earthyness coming out nothing crazy. Ive seen some others that burned pretty decently but mine was dark and a bit...
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·2d338 reviews

Wifi OG smalls [ ] 5/09/2022

Not sure if I got lucky but mine came with lots of 2g + buds. Best of my order for sure overall.
The nose is a bit tame at first you get some earthyness for the most and a little gas now that its been sitting in a jar for weeks. The rolls are sticky and it burns very nicely for the rating * af...
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·3d19 reviews

ICC x Red Velvet - OnlyGas - September

(this review is not incentivized)
Apologies for my pictures not being as good as usual, I'm still trying to get used to a new phone camera with different settings. This stuff is pretty unique! i think its a nice smoke at 117/z

Long skinny spear shaped nugs, very grey/green and sp...
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