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Pave smalls cultivated by PF sourced by OnlyGas -Dec 22/Jan 23

Surprisingly after being shipped in cold temperatures for 3 days when I grabbed the package and opened it up it wasn’t mute. In fact after a few minutes the smells started to dank up the whole room.

Smells of heavy gas and grease, with a little hint of sour. Popcorn size buds as I order...

Full Spectrum Extract + Live Resin Dispo Pen // Onlygas // Jan 20

So I picked these up which I'm super glad I did to make it to the free shipping threshold along side a Lemon OG which I was very unimpressed. Smoked a few seeds and went digging and found a few more. Sounds retards on here think I broke open $100+ seed packs ( I'm trying to sell lol) just to...

Lemon OG (Seeded) // Onlygas // Jan 18

Ouch, was this the smalls? Did you contact them about it? I’m curious since I’ve been getting the smalls lately but haven’t had to deal with their customer service yet so wondering how they’ll handle it.

Naturallyfarmedcannabis - onlygas - December

Naturallyfarmedcannabis - supreme diesel x desert runtz

I got 2 grams of this FSE for $90. It has a good amount of diamonds along with some delicious sauce. The smell on this is absolutely insane, when I opened the jar I could immediately smell a gassy aroma which took over the room. Smo...

La Kush cake smalls - only gas -December

LA Kush cake smalls.

I picked up a half zip of these for like 37 bucks.

The nugs that I got were all pretty big. They were a lovely light green color with nice trichome coverage and quite sticky. The smell on this is amazing, gives me a vanilla vibe with clear skunk tones as we...
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