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Bubba Kush Ultra - OKG - Late August 2021

I spent 200$ on this because money is tight right now and i knew this would be a lot better than spending money on buds. smell is pretty alright. when i take a huge hit it’s pretty harsh, but smaller hits are alright. this is worth the dollar for the value.

Astro Pink- OKG Incentivized, August 21, 2021.

8.5/10 What you would hope for from a quad in this ballpark, great taste and smell and came nice and dry but not crumbly. Always great ordering here. Was offered a 10% off coupon for this post !
Pitsy96·OkanaganGreen·357d42 reviews

Gelato sauce - okg - august 14th 2021

Not the worst sauce I have had but not a big fan either. Hard to work with and just smears into stuff, impossible even to get it onto a tool to put into rig or even onto a bowl as it just sticks to the tool. It tastes alright, packs a punch but more like 6 years old punch lol high is a head high, be...
Pitsy96·OkanaganGreen·359d42 reviews

Snow White - okg - august 14th 2021

I know you just posted it so I’m not gonna be hasty but I hope there’s a review coming. What’s the terp profile like? Rubbery like white widow at all?

Gods Green Crack, OKG, July 2021

God’s Green Crack Okanagan Green
When OKG recently dropped the god’s green crack I was excited to put an order in. I’ve had it a few years ago through them and was pleasantly surprised with the quality so was hoping for the same. I purchased a half pound at 550$ plus shipping. A fair pric...
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