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Hashypatty·OkanaganGreen·583d1 review

OKG - Diamonds & Sugar Wax/ MID DECEMBER 2022

Bubba Kush Ultra - OKG - Late August 2021

I spent 200$ on this because money is tight right now and i knew this would be a lot better than spending money on buds. smell is pretty alright. when i take a huge hit it’s pretty harsh, but smaller hits are alright. this is worth the dollar for the value.

Astro Pink- OKG Incentivized, August 21, 2021.

8.5/10 What you would hope for from a quad in this ballpark, great taste and smell and came nice and dry but not crumbly. Always great ordering here. Was offered a 10% off coupon for this post !
Pitsy96·OkanaganGreen·1069d42 reviews

Gelato sauce - okg - august 14th 2021

Not the worst sauce I have had but not a big fan either. Hard to work with and just smears into stuff, impossible even to get it onto a tool to put into rig or even onto a bowl as it just sticks to the tool. It tastes alright, packs a punch but more like 6 years old punch lol high is a head high, be...
Pitsy96·OkanaganGreen·1070d42 reviews

Snow White - okg - august 14th 2021

I know you just posted it so I’m not gonna be hasty but I hope there’s a review coming. What’s the terp profile like? Rubbery like white widow at all?
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