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Pacific Grass is known for our exclusive boxes and unboxing experience.
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AMLag·PacificGrass·1d1 review

Excellent Overall

From selection to prices, quick shipping, to even the unboxing experience, id say its overall a pretty solid option for getting great stuff at a fantastic price.

My first order which included Mango Durban (Pictured), was a fantastic deal for a oz for a pure sativa and at a good strength too...

excellent prices and service

Great company

darknesslord8·PacificGrass·24d18 reviews

Haze Smalls - Pacific Grass - January 2024

The name said it all so I wasn't surprised when I picked this up. It was still sticky, wasn't too dry and when I took a deep nose I can pick up the spicy scent easily. Smoke like a good sativa it was good wasn't flavorful but smooth and hit hard. There's also a crazy munchies right a...
Jlague·PacificGrass·47d1 review

Pacific Grass = Fast delivery&good product

Did my first order and I’m really satisfied.
Delivered quickly.
Packaging is really nice , the two strains I order are really good quality for the price.
They have a fun reward program which is a nice plus.

Strains are Gelato and Double Berry

Highly recommend
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Hi there,

Since our launch in September 2019, the team at Pacific Grass has been working hard to be the best online dispensary out there and we wouldn’t be where we’re at now, without each and everyone one of you!

As of Septembe
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