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levyyy015·SaveOnGreens·85d3 reviews

Purple Candy - Save on Greens - May 2022

Nice smoke. Was not expecting buds this dry again since I didn't buy from their dry lot but this is almost as dry as their $55 tier. I liked the smoke a lot but i think it would definitely have been better if it was fresher. The buds kind of get knocked off the stem very easily but very powdery...
levyyy015·SaveOnGreens·85d3 reviews

White Berry (dry) - Save on Greens - May 2022

When they said dry, I was not expecting bone dry and brittle. This is still good non the less for under $55 per O. Popped in together with a Boveda and mason jar to put some moisture back into the buds but definitely still tastes a little old grass like.. Would buy again if in a pinch or dankrupt bu...
Cryogengun47·SaveOnGreens·553d2 reviews

White Zombie - Save On Greens (Mold)

Cryogengun47·SaveOnGreens·554d2 reviews

White Zombie - Save On Greens - Feb 4th 2020

Q=7.5 V=6.2 - Came as smalls for 76$ an OZ. Long lasting with a creeping psychedelic buzz. One of the budget options on their site. A bit harsh on toke with an skunky diesel taste. Smell is citrus and earthy. Definitely a sit back and chill watch movies kind of bud. Overall enjoyable, it feels more ...

Original Glue - SaveOnGreens - Mid-Sept 2020

Aside from the name making me chuckle, I like Original Glue a because it makes you feel relaxed. It felt smooth to smoke on my pipe. I personally like hybrids the best too, as kind of get the best of both worlds. I did notice some dry mouth with this, but nothing too bad. Although it shouldn’t cau...
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