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jonathanmajh·SimplyBudz·1280d6 reviews

Comatose OG | SimplyBudz | Feb 2019

Very pungent aroma, buds were sticky, high was euphoric and relaxing
jonathanmajh·SimplyBudz·1280d6 reviews

Grape Crush | SimplyBudz | Feb 2019

Tasted like grapes, nice happy high at first and relaxed after
punctualjohn·SimplyBudz·1541d12 reviews

Irene OG - SimplyBudz - May 2018

I didn’t want to seem like a shill too much by making several posts but I got more than just this strain from them, and I got a picture of each of them. I honestly know nothing about photography in any way but I had fun making these today and it will make them more memorable to me in the future. H...
captcrunch·SimplyBudz·1559d120 reviews

Bubba OG - SimplyBudz - May '18

Smokes clean, white ash, and has a really pleasant herbal taste and smell.

Perfect nighttime strain, made me sleepy af.

Definitely worth the price imho. Can’t wait to press these nugs, I think I’ll get a nice yield from them.
StonerSteve64·SimplyBudz·1562d474 reviews

Death Bubba - Simply Budz - May 18

Yes it’s very potent and burns clean has that classic pungent skunk/earth smell and tastes similar with a sweet finish.

I just smoked a joint and took a few hits with my Pax vape feeling very relaxed/euphoric and ready for bed lol! I love this strain as a night cap it’s heavy buzz help...


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