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JD17·SupremeCollective·1228d11 reviews

Supreme Collective Review For March

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The SupremeCollective’s goal is to both provide exceptional and craft product, and to truly take care of their customers. The best that I have had so far in terms of Communication and helpfulness, i...

Strawberry Milk - SupremeCollective - March 18

Yeah that’s the only downside but its a great looking and tasting/smelling bud. Like a fresh strawberry patch. I’m looking on the bright side though and have about 6 or 7 perfect looking seeds to plant this spring lol.

J1 - SupremeCollective - March 18

It’s fruity and funky with some slight skunky undertones. Very similar profile to jack fruit or island sweet skunk

A1 Haze - SupremeCollective - March 18

I have never tried them but thats quite ironic you asked as I just followed them on Instagram yesterday lol
AimOrDie·SupremeCollective·1254d108 reviews

Pie Face - SupremeCollective - March 2019

Some nice AAAA cannabis from SupremeCollective. You can check out my full review of SupremeCollective at [](
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