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Okanagan - Bhothority - Late Feb

Placed an order with Bhothority, deciding to try out a new MoM.. ordered Wednesday, paid extra for Purolator, shipped Friday thru Canada Post. Contacted them and asked what was going on, was offered a $10 credit in lieu of the extra $5 I paid for more timely shipping.

Product was labeled...

Platinum lemon panda cotta cart/ the bhoauthority/ sept 2021

Very tasty cart here with fairly high potency honestly gets me as high as the high thc formula carts. It has little specks of dab in it which I have personally never seen before. Has a overpowering lemon smell kinda smells like country time lemonade water enhancer lol. Only gripe I have is it leaked...

Puna haze/ thebhoauthority/ august 2021

I like this weed a lot. At first I will admit because I was skeptical about this because it didn’t look the best plus I thought that since it was an older strain it wouldn’t be that good but I will admit I was very wrong. This weed has a pungent rotten fruit/ sweet peppery smell that I find very...

Apes in space(popcorn) + Cake Crasher - bhothority - August 2021

Garmacflip·The.BH.Othority·384d87 reviews

Ethos BHO chocolate kush mid July (incentivized)

This stuff is a decent product. It does get you high just not as good as I expected Ted for the advertised 86% TC content. I found the viridesco pink kush BHO that was advertised as 79% TC to be a much nicer product. Smells strong and is smooth to smoke. It’s not as translucent as the pink kush oi...
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