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Same day delivery within Toronto. Premium flash sales on high quality flowers. Wide variety of flowers. Able to supply any kind of demand on any products. Etc edibles, flowers, shatter.
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Mpulse·TheGreenVault·1023d30 reviews

TheGreenVault Slurricane 2019


Bag Appeal 9/10 Medium nugs, drenched in crystals.

Smell 10/10 Very pungent fruity smell, delicious.

Process 10/10 Grinds easily, amazing taste on exhale, white ash

Dos Si Dos was easily one of my favorite strains prior to trying Slurricane. Slurricane ta...
notmpulse·TheGreenVault·1023d96 reviews

TheGreenvault Slurricane Oct 2019

Really nice blend euphoria and body warmth, i’m blasted rn if that doesn’t make any sense lol
Mpulse·TheGreenVault·1024d30 reviews

TheGreenVault Platinum Punch Oct 2019

Mom review:

Platinum Punch

Bag Appeal: 10/10 Beautiful buds, very frosty covered in trichs, popping in various colors.

Smell: 9.5/10 Very fruity terp profile, delicious.

Process: 10/10 Breaks apart amazingly fros...
Mpulse·TheGreenVault·1025d30 reviews

TheGreenVault Mango Sapphire Oct 2019

Mom review:

Mango Sapphire

Bag Appeal: 9.5/10 Beautiful dense, colorful buds, coated in trichs, orange pistils popping through the green

Smell: 9/10 Very exotic, fruity/citrusy smell, not overpowering but warming.
anxiyeti·TheGreenVault·1026d2 reviews


Album of pics:

Sorry about my garbage pics, they don’t do the weed justice.

Dark Desire -
Strong lemon pine scent, with a delicious taste on the exhale. Opening this bag was too exciting once the smell hit me. My...
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