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Sour Tangie - The Herb Centre - May

The citrus terps coming from this is crazy. It is almost as if you are putting your nose right in a bag of orange peels! Really good fresh scent.

This is a sativa that doesn't have a heavy burn out. This pits my stomach in a way where I turn into a monster for munchies...
dc88kush·TheHerbCentre·70d2 reviews

Laughing Buddha | The Herb Centre | May 30th, 2022

Scooped this up for $80/ounce and got a little discount for leaving a review on the site before. I dont usually smoke sativas but had to try em out again. potentcy was nice for this bud, humidity was good wasnt dry as bones and has a nice mellow peanutty smell to the nugs. overall would rate it 9/10...
tadabanri512·TheHerbCentre·83d10 reviews

Truffle Butter $99/oz - The Herb Centre - May 16, 2022

Was a nice pick up for $99 + shipping. Skunky pungent smell upon opening the bag. nice full meaty nugs and decent amount of trichomes on it. burns pretty smoothly and high is a good.

9/10 for the price point

First Class Funk - The Herb Centre - May 11, 2022

Strong pungent nose upon opening the bag, buds are layered in cake with some purple hues to it. Bag appeal 8/10 all decently sized nugs and a great nose.

Smoke was a heavy indica smooth on the throat. Smoked about 2g with some friends and all got pretty baked. High was nice and clean. 9/...
tadabanri512·TheHerbCentre·530d10 reviews

pink wedding cake - the herb centre - 2/24/2021

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